8VIC Holdings Limited
FY2020 Annual Report

.About Us

8VIC Holdings Limited (“8VI”) is a
Singapore-based FinEduTech company operating under the brand name VI.

Established in 2008, VI (read as “vee”) is the representation of our beliefs and roots in Value Investing and empowers the average man-on-the-street to achieve sustainable wealth as part of their mission to make investments smarter, faster and easier. At VI, we offer results-oriented and process-driven analysis powered by technology, as well as promote investor education and knowledge exchange on a single platform.

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.VI App

Smart stock analysis and screening tool

Powered by technology, VI App is a smart stock analysis tool which revolves around the needs of a community of Value Investors. With simple and easy-to-use visuals, we distil information from the stock analysis process and present it through a comprehensive and customised framework which empowers the man-on-the-street to invest smarter, faster and easier.

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.VI College

Spreading Value Investing knowledge
to the world

Established since 2008
Offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Shanghai
Supporting a community of value investors globally
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.VI Community

Value investors brought together by VI College and VI App

Our VI Community has been the cornerstone of our success, comprising a robust community of Value Investors who will enjoy access to lifelong learning opportunities.

Programme Graduates
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Lives Transformed
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App Users


Total User
Growth Rate

*Last Twelve Months ending March 2020

Letter from
our Chairman


FY2020 has been a milestone year in our strategic transformation, and we have been relentlessly working to develop our capabilities to pave the foundation for our success in the last 12 months.

While the team gained momentum and continued to build on its efforts as outlined in the previous year, we were cognisant of the opportunities and challenges that await us with the coming of the 4th industrial revolution. With that in mind, we have devoted 100% of our effort and energy in delivering on our digital transformation process that has been put in place since 2016.

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Message from
our CEO


It has been slightly over a year since I was tasked to lead 8VI on a digital transformation and development path in order to overcome the traditional earning challenges and operational limitations in conventional education and training businesses.

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.Operating and Financial Review

FY2020 in Review

The Group recorded revenue of S$10.9 million in FY2020 as compared to S$22.3 million in the previous corresponding year (FY2019). This was mainly attributable to the one-off contribution from the strategic disposal of the Digital and Marketing Segment in FY2019, which had contributed revenue of S$9.4 million in the previous financial year prior to disposal, so as to focus our resources on expanding the FinEduTech business in Asia-Pacific. Notwithstanding the sale, our revenue stands at S$12.9 million, representing a decrease of 16%.

.Operating and Financial Review

Strategies and Future Plans

Building a recurring revenue model with technology

We work to transition and retain every “one-off” course graduate persona into a thriving member of our VI Community, so that they can benefit from the continuous support and repeat learning opportunities through tiered subscription options.

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Acquisition, retention, and technology development at our core

We plan and create content which is deployed across various platforms to acquire new customers, build engagement and showcase continual, new additions to our programmes. We are also focused on building retention through a customer-centric culture and mindset to bring entire lifetime value. As we develop our technology, we continuously build on existing and new features that enhance user experience.

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Cementing our position in core markets

We are strengthening our position in highly successful and well-adapted English, Chinese and Malay language-speaking markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Shanghai – which we believe hold healthy growth potential.

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Refining our programmes

We are constantly refining our programmes to cater to the rise of new consumption habits, as well as the diverse and growing needs of our VI Community.

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Embracing new ways of working

We have embraced new ways of working by way of greater digitalization on all fronts, including the progressive automation of our operational processes and application of data analytics on the backend to optimise our business decisions.

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